Finlay Road, Gloucester. GL4 6SE Sunday services: 11am & 6pm

Young People


Generation Now (school years 7 – 11)

Tuesdays 7.15pm to 8.45pm

A typical Tuesday at “GN” there isn’t one! We do so many different things, most of which are decided by the people that come. “It’s their meeting after all”.

Whether it’s football, uni-hoc, volleyball, dodge ball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, air hockey or pool. You choose! Don’t worry it’s not all physical, we also have quizzes, cookery, and arts and crafts too! or if none of that takes your fancy you can just chill with your mates.

At Generation Now we talk about things going on in the world around us. We look at life issues, stuff like relationships with friends, parents and the opposite sex, We chat about what it’s like to be a young person growing up in the world today and all the struggles that brings. We talk about what the world tells us is “normal” and challenge it with what the Bible says is true. We do this in a relaxed informal way, so that we can better understand God’s plan for the world and His people and what that means to us.

So if you’ve ever wondered what life is really all about; if you’d like to make a few more friends; if you’d just like to chat to somebody that can give you good advice; if you’re bored on Tuesday evening; if you don’t fancy standing outside the local shops; if you’re in secondary school years 7 – 11 then come and join us!

For more information email Martin:

YP Sunday (school year 8+)

Sundays 10.00am to 10.45am

Have you ever wondered what the Bible has to say and how on earth it is relevant to the life of a young person today? Our informal meeting on a Sunday morning (just before our main church service) is an opportunity to explore, in an interactive way, what the Bibles means and in particular what it means for us today. We use different ways to stimulate learning in a relaxed, open and non-judgemental atmosphere. Come along and you might be surprised what the Bible has to say to you.

For more information email Jake:

Impact (age 16 +)

Fridays 7.30pm

Impact is a group of young people from the church that meets to discuss in an informal way topics relevant to someone on the verge of, or already in, early adulthood. We examine current world views, contrasting them with a Biblical perspective, ie what God says and what this looks like in practice in everyday life. We seek to consider life from an eternal perspective, and to encourage each other to follow Christ more closely.


SNAC (age 13+)

Sundays 7.30pm (once a month)

Teenagers! Ask your parents and they’ll harp on about the good old days and how things were much different then. Particularly, how every Sunday Night After Church all the young people from the church would go round to someone’s house for fun and refreshments.

Well guess what? It’s staring again! Once a month, we’ll be going to someone’s house straight from the evening service, till 9pm ish. Check out the events page for where and when.