Finlay Road, Gloucester. GL4 6SE Sunday services: 11am & 6pm




Service times: 11am and 6pm

In the Sunday services our focus is on God and therefore His Word, the Bible, is central in what we do. We read a section of it, and then its meaning and relevance for our lives is explained as clearly as possible.

We also make use of the amazing privilege we have of being able to talk to God by praying, and because we have so many reasons to do so, we praise God using a mixture of old and new songs.

In the morning service there is an offering (collection) of money which is used to support God’s work in our local area and around the world. We include this in our service to express the fact that our financial giving is one way we worship God. However there is no obligation to give anything – just pass the offering bag on if you prefer – other people will do so too.

The services are designed to help people of all ages and types to worship God. This includes children who often come to the front for a brief ‘children’s talk’ during the morning service. During the morning message there is a supervised crèche for pre-school children and a sheet for older children (and adults!) to fill in. The whole service is relayed (pictures and sound) to the entrance hall and another room in the building.

After the services there is opportunity to stay and talk to each other – in the evening tea and coffee is usually served.

On some Sundays (in the morning or evening) we share Communion together. This is special for all of us who are trusting in Jesus for our salvation because by eating bread and drinking wine we remember His death which brought that salvation about.

There is no dress code so please come as smartly or casually dressed as you want.

If you need any information or assistance while you are with us, one of the Welcome Team will be glad to help you. They wear yellow name badges.

If you would like to come to a service but need a lift please do contact us.